Welcome to homegrown famrs

Thank you for your interest. So happy that you found us!

Homegrown Farms Semenyih is a family farming adventure. We grow organic vegetables, keep some chickens for meat and eggs and hope to inspire our friends and family to eat organically and live a sustainable life. We started with a simple mission to eat healthy and feed our children fresh, unprocessed organic produce and to change our lifestyle to a more simple, more natural existence. Michael’s answer to all of it was to start a farm. The road to putting food on the table began with a lot of research – neither of us have any background in agriculture but patiently and with a positive attitude, Michael grew our first crops four months after laying the beds and nurturing the soil. We had so much vegetables that I started putting the word out to my friends on Facebook and that was how we began selling our vegetables to our community.

We’ve been feeding some 20 different families on a weekly basis since August 2015. We have over 60 people on our subscriber list at the moment and pick-up points for people to collect our vegetable.

Semenyih Farm

The farm is located in Semenyih right in the Broga valley surrounded by the famous Broga Hills. It is a family farm and we have groups of school children and adults visiting to see first-had how we grow our food.

We hope to do many things here but our primary focus is to spread the culture of sustainability, eating local and growing organic to our children and their generation.