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What we grow and can we choose our vegetables?

A very happy new year to our readers and subscribers! I hope the start of this year has been filled with hope for better times ahead after the difficult year we had. And as the new year often brings new interest to the farm, my most popular questions from new subscribers or people keen to buy from us are what we grow and can they choose the vegetables that go into their weekly bags. So I thought I would publish my reply which I recently wrote for one of our dear subscribers who has become one of our strongest advocate. 

We are a genuinely organic farm. What I grow for you I feed my close friends and family and it is based a lot on trust which is why we try to keep our operations as transparent as possible. In the past it was fine for us to organise group visits because I understand the need to see to believe however the pandemic has put a temporary halt to all of that. 

I do have a long list of all we grow on the farm which I will be happy to share with you. We rotate this list to ensure our soil is happy and healthy and this principle applies to how we eat as well. We rotate our vegetables so our bodies get all the various different types of plant nutrients from the different vegetables. This is a basic principle of organic growing – you buy what we grow and we grow organically so that the integrity of the soil is always maintained and importantly there is no food waste. 

When you buy from our farm, you are part of a movement. It is so much more than just buying vegetables, you are investing in good community practices and a very cordial relationship with your farmer, to trust that we have your best interest when we select what goes into your bags. Of course, you can tell me what veggies you really do not like or allergic to and I can make concessions. It is all about that relationship.

As for how soon you need to place an order, you can even order on Wednesday before 8am and I will be able to deliver on the same day. 

What you get in your weekly bags

Grown on organic soil and aquaponics, we offer you a wide range including kale varieties, lowland lettuce, mustard greens, kai lan and spinach

A nutrient packed array of micro vegetables, sprouted for to weeks and can be eaten in your salad or as a garnish for meals. 

These are the vegetables which grown naturally in our weather and are packed with goodness. Kangkung, moringa, roselle bulbs, okinawan spinach, sweet potato leaves, okra, eggplant varieties, daikon

Every few months we get some beautiful rewards for our hard work in the form of pumpkins, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, bananas, papayas and pomelos. 

They brighten up dishes and salads in a natural way. Blue Pea Flower, Thai and English Basil, various Mint leaves, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime and leaves, Pandan leaves, Lemons, Calamansi, Curry leaves, Laksa leaves and the elusive Torch Ginger Flower

A list of what we grow:

Bayam Merah
Bitter Melon
Bitter Melon (white)
Brazilian spinach
Bunga Kantan
Calamansi Lime
Cili Paid 
Curly Kale 
Curry Leaves
French Beans 
Green Brinjals
Indian lettuce
Japanese cucumbers  
Kacang botol
Kunyit leaves
Lasitano kale
Local Bayam
Long Beans 
Malabar Spinach
Mini Nai Pak 
Okinawan Spinach
Pak Choy 
Passion fruit 
Red Onions  
Round white eggplant
Saw Raja
Small Bitter Gourd
Snak Gourd
Soup leaves
Sweet Potato  
Sweet Potato leaves
Thai Basil