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At the onset of the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic people have turned to what is most important. There was a surge of interest in growing our own food, finding access to fresh and safe produce and learning how to cook it well to get the best nutrition for our body. It is universally acknowledged that you are what you eat and to cope with the onslaught of such a terrible disease, we need to have healthy bodies and a well functioning immune system.

The moment of reckoning was when fresh produce supply chains were cut off during nationwide lockdowns, further affirming our belief that farming within communities are vital for our wellbeing and food security. Be it in the city on rooftops or unused land in neighbourhoods, imagine how much better and secure our food production would be if we had access to food we grow ourselves.

The bottom line of why we started doing what we did was to pursue a clean lifestyle, learn fundamental skills of securing our own food and making sure it is free of poisonous chemicals and fertilisers. To then share this produce with our community and ensuring that good quality, organic food is available to ALL and not just those who can afford it. After all as Malaysians, we completely understand the power that beautifully cooked, fresh and clean food yields. It brings people together, as does farming.

At last weeks’ successful webinar I did promise you contacts of reliable local suppliers which we use. I do hope you were inspired to grow something and start a very rewarding journey for yourself and your family. The key is to start somewhere.

If you’d like to read about our journey, it’s all here on The Edge Enterprise’ “Homegrown Goodness” to see how we got started!

Soon Huat

Well Grow Seeds
They sell gardening supplies as well like compost, pots, peat moss etc

Roses and Herbs
Kak Ima +60 11 1990 1875