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Start with what you have, grow from there

Are you thinking of starting your own backyard garden? Maybe a simple system in your balcony that can yield a harvest? My advice is to start with what you have and soon you could have a veggie patch or a herb garden that can feed your family daily.
Even if you don’t have much time with working a full-time job and minding children especially in this season, there are many things that you can do to start growing your own food. A journey of an acre of farm starts with a packet of seeds after all.
During this season of living in a pandemic the issues of food security, self-reliance and cultivating your own garden within a community or in your backyard has gained credence. What we never questioned, our source of food, has become coffee-table conversations.
These small steps are significant to create a better understanding of how food grows, and in the longer and larger terms, to creating a better world at large. So if you have sprouting or old onions – grow them into spring onions, ginger with shoots? Soak the bulbs and plant it for a ginger plant! Old sweet potatoes? Don’t throw them out – grow them!
We have so much to share, keep following our Farm Stories for ideas and very practical methods on growing your own food.
Join me tomorrow at our first webinar on tips for growing your own food organised by Taylors College School of Media and Communication as part of their campaign for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I will show you some of the ways I have grown vegetables and herbs using leftover vegetables and roots with whatever you have on hand at home with live questions and answers!
Thursday, June 18 at 3pm
Click this link to register https://linktr.ee/epicure_my