We have three active pick-up points at the moment at The Hive (Bangsar), The Hive (Intermark), and Homegrown Productions Sdn Bhd offices in Damansara. We also home deliver to homes within and outside Semenyih

We have loosely adopted the CSA model with our subscribers – we supply weekly bags of vegetables made-up of whatever we have harvested with payment usually made upfront. We are still perfecting this model to suit our community.

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We grow at least 20 different types of vegetables and we try our best to rotate them every week and give you a variety to try from. Some might be familiar some just might be good for you! It’s a learning process and there might be days where you just can’t bear to see another green leaf. Rest assured, because of the quality of our soil, the vegetables are VERY delicious and nutritious.

Can I alternate delivery dates?

Not at the moment but we aim to have more options in the near future.

What if I can’t collect the bags?

We give them away

We do not want to waste the beautiful veggies and as they come with no packaging and refrigeration they can spoil if kept waiting around for more than six hours in our humid Malaysian weather. So if you can’t collect on that day and have not given us notice, the bag will go to someone else with no refund.